I am graduated from UC Santa Cruz as part of the class of 2021 and currently work as a Production Engineer at Facebook. My interests extend primarily into Network Communications and Cloud Security, but I am very open and eager to look into other fields of technology. I enjoy tinkering around with any hardware and software in my spare time, trying to figure out how things work.

These are the following places I have worked with, or links to personal projects that I have posted publicly.

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A local SF Bay Area Non-Profit Organization whose mission is to refurbish old computers to give them out to those less fortunate.

I have previously worked with (and still volunteer with) EqOpTech's Management Team as their lead technologist. During my time there, I was consulted with on processes to make the refurbishment process faster and simpler for other volunteers to complete. It was also my responsibility to find creative solutions to various hardware problems that would come with donated systems, such as bad slot-loading DVD drives leading to getting installation disks stuck and making systems unable to boot.

You can visit our website at

If you need to contact me about business with EqOpTech, you can email me at

Please note that I am not the sole business deciding personnel, I am only able to offer advice and forward requests internally to get them looked at.


A recruitment platform that de-mistifies the résumé and connects recruit and recruiter easier.

During Summer 2018 (and extending into Winter 2019), I interned @ Search411, a SF Bay Area startup whose goal is to make a platform that standardizes the format of résumés and allows recruiters to understand exactly what each recruit's résumé really entails. During my time here, I was delegated tasks, such as making modifications with the User Interface of the website, to documenting the source code with logical flowcharts, as well as developing and rolling out plans on multiple development instances to allow development on the app to proceed faster.

You can visit their website at

The University of California, Santa Cruz

Eh, what can I say. I love my university.

During my time here, I am pursuing a Bachelor's Of Science, Computer Science Degree. I am also planning on pursuing a Minor in Technology and Information Management. My courses include:
  • CMPS 101: Abstract Data Types
  • AMS 131: Introduction to Probability Theory
  • CMPS 143: Introduction to Natural Language Processing
  • TIM 50: Introduction to Business Information Systems
  • CMPE 80N: Introduction to Computer Networks (and planning on taking the upper divisional version in the near future)
  • A more complete course list, including planned courses, can be found on my résumé.

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